Pride in Every Page: Discover Queer Stories & Authors

Storytelling knows no bounds, and neither does love. Explore stories that inspire, challenge, and illuminate the LGBTQ+ experience. Whether you're seeking new voices or revisiting beloved classics, our curated collection features stories from and about the LGBTQ+ community.

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Listen to and Uplift Narrators from the LGBTQ+ Community

Becoming a Queen

by Dan Clay; read by the author

This program is read by the author. A vibrant and emotional novel from debut author Dan… Read more

Camp Damascus

by Chuck Tingle; read by Mara Wilson

From beloved internet icon Chuck Tingle, Camp Damascus is a searing and earnest horror… Read more

The Daddy Diaries

by Andy Cohen; read by the author

This program is read by the author and includes off-the-cuff commentary that is exclusive… Read more

Everyone I Kissed Since You Got Famous

by Mae Marvel; read by Mia Hutchinson-Shaw

Most Anticipated LGBTQ+ Reads of 2024 Hollywood glamor meets “‘Tis the Damn Season” in this… Read more

Fly with Me

by Andie Burke; read by Chelsea Stephens

A sparkling and steamy Sapphic romance, Fly with Me by Andie Burke is filled with sharp… Read more

Girls Like Girls

by Hayley Kiyoko; read by the author, Natalie Naudus, Malia Pyles, Katie Gavin, and Brandon Flynn

This program is read by an all-queer cast: the author, Hayley Kiyoko; Natalie Naudus; Malia… Read more

In the Lives of Puppets

by TJ Klune; read by Daniel Henning

New York Times bestselling author TJ Klune invites you deep into the heart of a peculiar… Read more


by Elliot Page; read by the author

This program is read by the author. Full of intimate stories, from chasing down secret love… Read more

Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion

by Bushra Rehman; read by the author

This program is read by the author. For fans of On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous and My… Read more

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Pride - 9780374538989

100 Boyfriends

Pride - 9780374538989by Brontez Purnell

Pride - 9781250895561

All Boys Aren't Blue

Pride - 9781250895561by George M. Johnson

Pride - 9781250290069

Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet

Pride - 9781250290069by Molly Morris

Pride - 9780374237820

Another Word for Love

Pride - 9780374237820by Carvell Wallace

Pride - 9781250828514

The Baker and the Bard

Pride - 9781250828514by Fern Haught

AAPI - 9781250819093

Beating Heart Baby

AAPI - 9781250819093by Lio Min

Pride - 9781250843098

Becoming a Queen

Pride - 9781250843098by Dan Clay

Pride - 9781250834270

The Bell in the Fog

Pride - 9781250834270by Lev AC Rosen

Pride - 9781250784124

Belle of the Ball

Pride - 9781250784124by Mari Costa

Pride - 9781250267146

Big Gay Wedding

Pride - 9781250267146by Byron Lane

Pride - 9781250886101

Bookshops & Bonedust

Pride - 9781250886101by Travis Baldree

Pride - 9781250874658

Bury Your Gays

Pride - 9781250874658by Chuck Tingle

Pride - 9781250066350

Candy Darling

Pride - 9781250066350by Cynthia Carr

Pride - 9781250875754

Canto Contigo

Pride - 9781250875754by Jonny Garza Villa

Pride - 9781250333292

Can't Spell Treason Without Tea

Pride - 9781250333292by Rebecca Thorne

Pride - 9780374612818


Pride - 9780374612818by Maggie Millner

Pride - 9781250794666


Pride - 9781250794666by Gretchen Felker-Martin

Pride - 9781250890924

The Daddy Diaries

Pride - 9781250890924by Andy Cohen

AAPI - 9781250875334

The Deep Sky

Pride - 9781250875334by Yume Kitasei

Pride - 9781250834775

Dirt Creek

Pride - 9781250834775by Hayley Scrivenor

Pride - 9781250844897

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Pride - 9781250844897by James Baldwin; Foreword by Stacey Abrams

Pride - 9781250886392

Fall for Him

Pride - 9781250886392by Andie Burke

Pride - 9781250276629

Fair Play

Pride - 9781250276629by Katie Barnes

Pride - 9780374388881

Forever Is Now

 Pride - 9780374388881by Mariama J. Lockington

Pride - 9781250869760

The Ghost of Us

Pride - 9781250869760by James L. Sutter

AAPI - 9781250817631

Girls Like Girls

Pride - 9781250817631by Hayley Kiyoko

Pride - 9781250853615

Godly Heathens

Pride - 9781250853615by H.E. Edgmon

Pride - 9781250871640

Going Bicoastal

Pride - 9781250871640by Dahlia Adler

AAPI - 9781250864994

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces

AAPI - 9781250864994by Linda Cheng

Pride - 9781250890597

Green Dot

Pride - 9781250890597by Madeleine Gray

Pride - 9781250621849

He Who Drowned the World

Pride - 9781250621849by Shelley Parker-Chan

Pride - 9781250355492

Home Field Advantage

Pride - 9781250355492by Dahlia Adler

Pride - 9781250217288

The House in the Cerulean Sea

Pride - 9781250217288by TJ Klune

Pride - 9781250853332

How Lucky Am I?

Pride - 9781250853332by Scott Hoying and Mark Hoying; illustrated by Steph Lew

Pride - 9781250847362

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Pride - 9781250847362by Casey McQuiston

Pride - 9781250351722

If I Were a Fish

Pride - 9781250351722by Corook and Olivia Barton; illustrated by Mike Curato

Pride - 9781250323545

I'm the Girl

Pride - 9781250323545by Courtney Summers

Pride - 9781250217448

In the Lives of Puppets

Pride - 9781250217448by TJ Klune

Pride - 9780374608187

In Tongues

Pride - 9780374608187by Thomas Grattan

Pride - 9780374390693

It's Pride, Baby!

Pride - 9780374390693by Allen R. Wells; illustrated by Dia Valle

Pride - 9781250833020

Last Call

Pride - 9781250833020by Elon Green

Pride - 9781250325792

The Last Note of Warning

Pride - 9781250325792by Katharine Schellman

Pride - 9781250847089

Late Bloomer

Pride - 9781250847089by Mazey Eddings

Pride - 9781250834249

Lavender House

Pride - 9781250834249by Lev AC Rosen

Pride - 9781250849120

Let the Record Show

Pride - 9781250849120by Sarah Schulman

Pride - 9781250243775

Let's Not Do That Again

Pride - 9781250243775by Grant Ginder

Pride - 9781250789082

Light From Uncommon Stars

Pride - 9781250789082by Ryka Aoki

Pride - 9781250882837

Like Happiness

Pride - 9781250882837by Ursula Villarreal-Moura

Pride - 9781250889812

A Mask of Flies

Pride - 9781250889812by Matthew Lyons

Pride - 9781250869807

Most Ardently: A Pride & Prejudice Remix

Pride - 9781250869807by Gabe Cole Novoa

Pride - 9781250833549

My Government Means to Kill Me

Pride - 9781250833549by Rasheed Newson

Pride - 9780374606619


Pride - 9780374606619by Imogen Binnie; With a new afterword by the author

Pride - 9781250333193

The Nightmare Before Kissmas

Pride - 9781250333193by Sara Raasch

Pride - 9781250758873

Ocean's Echo

Pride - 9781250758873by Everina Maxwell

Pride - 9780374604646

Other Names for Love

Pride - 9780374604646by Taymour Soomro

Pride - 9781250894854

One Last Stop: Collector's Edition

Pride - 9781250894854by Casey McQuiston

Pride - 9781250335807

Open Throat

Pride - 9781250335807by Henry Hoke

Pride - 9781250229908

Our Wives Under the Sea

Pride - 9781250229908by Julia Armfield

Pride - 9781250878359


Pride - 9781250878359by Elliot Page

Pride - 9781250819185

The Perfect Guy Doesn't Exist

Pride - 9781250819185by Sophie Gonzales

Pride - 9781250856036

Red, White & Royal Blue: Collector's Edition

Pride - 9781250856036by Casey McQuiston

Pride - 9781250884138

Remedial Magic

Pride - 9781250884138by Melissa Marr

AAPI - 9781250834782

Roses, in the Mouth of a Lion

AAPI - 9781250834782by Bushra Rehman

Pride - 9781250328243

Sacrificial Animals

Pride - 9781250328243by Kailee Pedersen

Pride - 9781250830913

The Salt Grows Heavy

Pride - 9781250830913by Cassandra Khaw

Pride - 9781627792325

Secret City

Pride - 9781627792325by James Kirchick

Pride - 9781250801760

Secret Identity

Pride - 9781250801760by Alex Segura

Pride - 9781250834683

The Scourge Between Stars

Pride - 9781250834683by Ness Brown

Pride - 9781250821126

She Drives Me Crazy

Pride - 9781250821126by Kelly Quindlen

Pride - 9781250886934

Speak of the Devil

Pride - 9781250886934by Rose Wilding

Pride - 9781250881205

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Pride - 9781250881205by TJ Klune

Pride - 9781250341624


Pride - 9781250341624by Freya Marske

Pride - 9781250822130

The Sunbearer Trials

Pride - 9781250822130by Aiden Thomas

Pride - 9780374313029

Tegan and Sara: Junior High

Pride - 9780374313029by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin; illustrated by Tillie Walden

AAPI - 9781250184986

Tell Me How to Be

AAPI - 9781250184986by Neel Patel

Pride - 9781250835222

This Day Changes Everything

Pride - 9781250835222by Edward Underhill

Pride - 9781250816597

Thirsty: A Novel

Pride - 9781250816597by Jas Hammonds

Pride - 9780805093377

Through the Groves

Pride - 9780805093377by Anne Hull

Pride - 9781250878540


Pride - 9781250878540by Ernesto Londoño

Pride - 9781250323965


Pride - 9781250323965by Lex Croucher

Pride - 9780374609818

The Other Olympians

Pride - 9780374609818by Michael Waters

Pride - 9780374279202

Thom Gunn: A Cool Queer Life

Pride - 9780374279202by Michael Nott

Pride - 9781250828583

We Are Allies!

Pride - 9781250828583by Taimani Emerald

Pride - 9781250800848

Where Sleeping Girls Lie

Pride - 9781250800848by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

Pride - 9781250762061

When Haru Was Here

Pride - 9781250762061by Dustin Thao

Pride - 9780374608224

Who's Afraid of Gender?

Pride - 9780374608224by Judith Butler

Pride - 9781250890337


Pride - 9781250890337by TJ Klune

Pride - 9781250296795

You Only Call When You're in Trouble

Pride - 9781250296795by Stephen McCauley

AAPI - 9781250762030

You've Reached Sam

AAPI - 9781250762030by Dustin Thao

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